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iHit Solo A new benchmark for creative innovation in atomization
“Super-integrated” nanocrystalline ceramic coil atomization solution.

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iHit Dual Super-powered, Double-atomized
nanocrystalline dual-coil atomization solution.

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iHit Tech platform provides professional and efficient customized processes to ensure the quality of your customization.

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  • Step.01 Requirement communication

    Engaging in business negotiations for requirement coordination, contract signing, document collection, consulting services, and market research.

  • Step.02 Product design

    Requirements review, preliminary verification, product project approval, ID design, structural design, electronic design, CMF definition and design

  • Step.03 Program planning

    Product development, test planning, supplier evaluation, product design verification, production verification, development process verification

  • Step.04 Quality production

    Dust-free automatic assembly production line, automatic e-liquid injection line, high-quality assembly arrangement, quality control, packaging and delivery, and other customized processes


    Safety test
    Safety screening, UL testing, technical parameter testing, reliability testing, stability research, CR testing, 3A testing

  • Step.05 Delivery service

    Offering high-quality finished product delivery and shipment services


    Information provided
    GMP, ISO, QSR 110

  • Step.06 Service and support

    Offering comprehensive after-sales service, technical support, and other value-added services, such as brand marketing material support